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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Typism released

An app for type and font enthusiasts, useful for designers, artists, developers, and anyone who loves type. You can:

  • display samples of all font files on the device ending in .ttf or .otf, with the exception of fonts located inside other application bundles.  This does include the system fonts.
  • download font files of interest into a local collection using the custom, integrated browser.  No  need to use a file manager. Zip archives are handled transparently. A bookmark list is implemented and pre-loaded with a few font sites we know of.
  • display the contents of the font file's "name" table (see here or here), which contains copyright, licensing, designer, manufacturer, and other vital information.
  • grow or shrink the sample text and apply bold, italic and underline styles to it.
  • choose text and background colors including alpha, either with sliders (seekbars) or through direct entry of hex color values
  • use the pinch-zoom gesture to change font size - font display is multi-touch aware.

A valuable tool? Just for fun? You decide. Feature suggestions are most welcome - just drop us a message at augmentedmindsw at gmail dot com.

The premium version allows display of more than 15 non-system fonts and has a real color picker.

Download it today from Google Play (Android Market).